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I’d Prefer Player Driven Narrative Over Linear Structure, Says Ubisoft CCO

According to Ubisoft chief creative officer Serge Hascoët, the linear structure of singleplayer games have become a thing of the past and developers should move on with a more open-ended narrative where players make their own experiences.

Singleplayer games are just as important to gamers as the multiplayer games, as these games give us some breathtaking experiences that can’t be found in the multiplayer.

Traditionally singleplayer games tell a story of multiple characters in a linear way, but as the technology has progressed we are witnessing games with multiple endings.

But the problem with multiple ending is that these are either very few or almost the same. According to Ubisoft chief creative officer, he would prefer to move away from the linear narrative structure, in favor of more player-driven approaches.

He further added that he sees cut-scenes with-in the game as restrictions, as the player is able to do nothing but watch.

“During these scenes, I’m not doing what I want to do, which is evolve in this world. I don’t want us to write one story, I want there to be tens of thousands of stories, that each character has one, and I can speak to them if I want to know that story.”

He further explained that with a game like Watch Dogs 2 I want everybody to have fun even mom, there have to be interesting people within the game.

“We want to give them many methods: private detective, assassin, hacker, hunter… You can try out these professions along with their problems, and to become more powerful.”

Watch Dogs 2 is the latest release from Ubisoft. Recently, a trailer leaked which was hidden within the Watch Dogs 2, turns out the trailer is for a real Sci-Fi game from Ubisoft.

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Source: Le Monde(via GameInformer)