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New Final Fantasy XV Art Released Ahead Of The Game’s Launch

Less than two weeks remaining till launch, Square Enix continues to hype Final Fantasy XV further as the company just released a new Final Fantasy XV art on the game’s official Twitter page. After years of development and delays, Square Enix is trying to ensure the game is an instant success.

The new Final Fantasy XV art centres the protagonist, Prince Noctis and the former princess of Tenebrae, Lunafreya, against an epic backdrop that features a city as well as some imperial soldiers and ships.

Final Fantasy XV art

The company also revealed that a new TV commercial for Final Fantasy XV will begin airing in Japan this weekend. Whether the commercial will air in the west or not is unclear but it seems like it will be exclusive to Japan similar to the recent Judgement Disk demo.

The demo in question was released recently exclusively on the Japanese PSN store and featured a portion of the first chapter of the game.

While it gave players a good idea about the game’s gameplay, many wondered the release state of the game after seeing the numerous bugs and issues present in the demo. Game director Hajime Tabata recently apologized for the issues with the demo and assured fans that the company was working on fixes and will have the problems solved by the release.

Just last week, Square Enix also released more information about the game’s PS4 Pro patch which is expected in December. The patch will enable 4K at 30FPS as well as another mode with 1080p resolution but a frame target of 60FPS. Although, the developers still haven’t managed to achieve that frame rate mark and are still in the 40-50FPS range.

A couple of new screenshots from the game were also released recently showing more locations and characters including Ice Queen Shiva and Altissia, the capital of Accordia.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release on 29th November for PS4 and Xbox One.