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Mass Effect Andromeda Will Feature Hubs Like Citadel, According To Creative Director

Since the release of a new cinematic trailer on N7 day, there has been a steady stream of information regarding Mass Effect Andromeda.

The game’s creative director Mac Walters is constantly answering questions on Twitter and in the latest one, he reveals an interesting new detail.

According to Mac, Mass Effect Andromeda will feature Hub areas like the Citadel from previous Mass Effect games.

Despite being set in a new galaxy; Mass Effect Andromeda will give players a bit of ‘down time’ by sending them to cultural hubs like Citadel or Omega from the original Mass Effect trilogy.

Walters also talked a bit more about the Ryder family since players will get to choose as one of the Ryder siblings as their playable character and game’s protagonist. According to him, the game will feature a story arc focusing on the Ryder family dynamic.

The arc is supposedly both unique and familiar at the same time, furthering fleshing out the Ryder family. So far we know of three Ryders in the game, the two siblings and their father who was revealed to be a member of the N7 corp.

Talking about the new race, Kett, revealed during these information reveals, Mac mentioned that they won’t be the only new alien species which players will encounter for the first time in the franchise.

Also similar to Kett, each of these new races will be unique and very different from the alien races from the original trilogy, where even their weapons and gear will feel more organic.

Game producer Fabrice Condominas talked to GameInformer recently and discussed the multiplayer of Andromeda, which has its roots set in the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 but is more dynamic this time with new gadgets and tools at the player’s disposal.

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently scheduled for a Spring 2017 release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.