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Mac Walters Shares Mass Effect: Andromeda Information On Twitter

Mac Walters, the creative director for Mass Effect, got on Twitter lately to talk about a wide variety of Mass Effect: Andromeda information, dealing with fan questions about the Kett, when the game takes place, where Cerberus is, and if the game will see any mass relays in Andromeda.

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Most of these questions ended up getting a resounding “no” from Walters, who explained each bit as much as he could in 140 characters. For instance, we won’t be getting a kett party member, mainly because the entire makeup that we’ll be seeing from the Kett is that they’re dangerously unpredictable and technologically advanced, and see the Milky Way races’ colonization initiative as an invasion.

When it comes to Cerberus, who played a major role in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, whether we would see them in the game was also a resounding no. Due to the game taking place between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Cerberus had its priorities on different things: mainly bringing Shepard back to life or preparing for the arrival of the Reapers. So, no, the Illusive Man did not give the Andromeda Initiative an enormous donation.

Another bit of Mass Effect: Andromeda information we got were that there will be no mass relays in the game, as there are no Reapers (who were focusing their efforts on the Milky Way anyway). While the Hyperion, including the AI that the Hyperion will be using, along with the Pathfinders that lead each expedition, will rely on mass effect technology, relays will not be featured in the game.

One last bit of Mass Effect: Andromeda information that Mac Walters gave out was a special BioWare video that told players how they could find the Andromeda galaxy in the night sky. Considering it’s hundreds, possibly thousands, of lightyears away, we probably needed the help if you want to see where it is.