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The Game Awards Promise Improved Transparency After No Man’s Sky False Advertising

2 Years ago, No Man’s Sky was shown at The Game Awards with footage that we now know was nowhere near the quality of the final product. This sparked a debate regarding how developers should better represent their games to manage expectations, and give a clear idea of what is and what is not there.

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No Man’s Sky is a prime example of how developers often end up overhyping their game, creating expectations they can not fulfill. The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley recently spoke with Polygon and discussed how this year the show will be different. He explained that No Man’s Sky created a black hole of hype and we ourselves are partly to blame for helping them create it.

This year, Geoff Keighley is working with developers to bring more transparency to the show by improving the way creators show their games.

I have thought about the story of No Man’s Sky a lot. Did we create this black hole of hype that the developers couldn’t pull themselves out of? Some of that was authored by me.

There is a good moral of that story and it’s part of what I’m trying to address this year; to have developers be more transparent about the state of their game.

He went on to talk about the feedback regarding No Man’s Sky:

I agree with the feedback and told that to [developer] Sean Murray. That game, when it was announced, everyone in their mind’s eye came up with an idealized notion of what it was going to be.

So how are exactly things going to improve this year?

We’re going to have more diving deeper into games and gameplay. We’re going to get deeper looks at premieres; they’ll run four or five minutes.

I think people will be surprised at the depth of some of the game content we will show this year.

The Game Awards come set for December at the Microsoft Theater in LA.