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EA Transparency Policy Is Being Reviewed

Nowadays, influencer marketing has become an important part of communication campaigns, especially for Electronic Arts. This company really trust Youtubers as a lot of them are officially supported by EA, however, it’s also important to be as transparent and clear as possible.

So, EA transparency policy is being reviewed.

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In fact, from now on every creator or influence that works with EA has to show these transparent markings in order to let the viewers understand if what they are seeing is an independent content, or an advertise.

#supportedbyEA includes all independent content supported by EA. It’s important to clarify that this content is not under any editorial influence.

#advertisement includes featured content that EA has been able to influence or create itself.

These markings will also be used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook photos.

Otherwise, in the case of video and stream contributions, the cooperation with EA from the influencer has to be mentioned verbally at the beginning of the video or showed with watermarks.

EA’s motto is “Players First”, meaning that the company actually cares about fans and the way they react to something. Transparency is important in order to have a real connection and thankfully, EA understands that.

Not everyone is happy with product placement or advertising, so it’s important to be clear not to let people misunderstand what you are doing. This new policy will probably encourage influencers and creators as they’ll be finally free to do whatever they want.

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