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There Will Be An EA Game On The Nintendo Switch, According to EA

We may be seeing a big EA game on the Nintendo Switch, according to a recent statement by Electronic Arts. While the announcement didn’t say what game would be on the console, the mention of at least one third party game being on the console could lend new hope to the Nintendo Switch.

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There had already been mention of the Nintendo Switch getting a lot of third-party games when Nintendo’s new console was first announced, and if there will indeed be an EA game on the Nintendo Switch, it will likely be one of the bigger games that they’ve released in the last few years, whether the Titanfall series, Battlefield, or the Star Wars: Battlefront game that was released last year.

However, considering that the Nintendo Switch is supposed to be releasing in March of next year, there are a few other games coming out around that time that will likely be released on the Nintendo Switch as well as other platforms like the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. These could likely include Mass Effect: Andromeda, or FIFA 2017 (though according to Michael Gamble, the producer of the Mass Effect games, it’s not happening).

Either way, with an EA game on the Nintendo Switch, we’ll hopefully be seeing a number of other third-party games on the Nintendo Switch along with other Nintendo games. Hopefully, we’ll even see some indie games, which the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One have gotten a disproportionate amount of ever since they declared their open support for indie developers.

However, whether an EA game on the Nintendo Switch will help boost the console’s sales in the face of other consoles like the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One Scorpio remains to be seen. Hopefully the Nintendo Switch’s choice of games will allow it to get an edge and turn a profit for Nintendo.