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Sony May Soon Allow Gamers To Change PSN Usernames With New Update

A recent NeoGAF post by someone looking up the changes to Unreal Engine 4.14 came across something interesting. According to some of the patch notes from that update, members of the Playstation Network may soon be able to change their PSN usernames, with an update coming to disconnect usernames from player data.

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The mere possibility is something that can serve as a boon for Playstation Network members that have been looking forward to changing their names. Unlike other online gaming networks like Xbox Live, players that use Playstation Network can’t change their names, so an update that would allow players to change their PSN usernames may trigger a spur of changes. It had previously been implied that the names were going to be able to be changed, but that didn’t happen.

Instead of changing usernames on your own account, however, normally players have to just create a separate account and delete their old one, though that results in you losing all of your trophies and data that you’ve accumulated over the years.

If you’re on Xbox Live, you can change your username whenever you want, with it being free the first time you change and ten dollars every subsequent time that you change their names. This might have been one of those factors that made Xbox Live the online service that gamers were the most satisfied with in a recent survey.

If this is true, and people will be able to change their PSN usernames, there still remains the question of whether or not the process of changing a username would be free, or if you would have to pay money to change it after a certain number of times like on Xbox Live.

Hopefully this post about possibly being able to change PSN usernames turns out to be accurate, and Sony will indeed soon make an announcement allowing people to do it so that people can start changing their names.