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We Have a Possible Workaround for Battlefield 1 PC DX Function Error

Battlefield 1 PC players are currently suffering from a major crashing issue due to DX function error. EA released a statement saying that it is looking into it, have narrowed down the problem, and will be releasing an update to deal with it.

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However, so far there is no mention of a release date or even a release window for said update. Fans are still having problems but we do have some suggestions that may work for some. Keep in mind that the following workaround will not work for all of you.

1: Turn off Automatic Updates for Windows.
2: Use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove everything from your drivers.
3: Install Nvidia driver version 334.89.

Battlefield 1 will prompt a message regarding old drivers so you need use nvapi64.dll bypass. Follow the link here to know how to use this bypass.

Battlefield 1 is one of the best shooters to release this year but once again EA DICE launched a product that had game breaking bugs inside. The problem is nowhere as bad as Battlefield 4 but still, a notable part of the Battlefield 1 PC community is suffering.

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There are over 300 pages of complaints at EA’s forum so this is a widespread problem. We have to wait and see how things go but this certainly does not improve EA DICE’s reputation of releasing buggy products.

Try out the above mentioned method and let us know if it works for you or not.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and EA Origin for PC.