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Pokemon Sun and Moon Scores Show Nintendo’s Got Another Smash Hit

The first Pokemon Sun and Moon scores from various review websites and magazines are in, and it would appear that Nintendo and Game Freak have another hit on their hands, even from IGN, which seemed to be thoroughly unimpressed with the last Pokemon game, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (giving it a 7.5 for having “too much water”).

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The various Pokemon Sun and Moon scores are all in the highest portions of a 10-point or 5-point scale, with the lowest score seen in the collection (which includes IGN, Nintendo Life, Eurogamer, GamesRadar, Metro UK, Digital Spy, and The Daily Dot) being an 8 out of 10 from FNintendo.

Considering all of the changes to the Pokemon formula that Nintendo has revealed to us, it seems like all of their decisions have been vindicated with the scores.

Pokemon Sun and Moon has gone through a great deal of different changes for the newest generation, ranging from new forms of Pokemon in the form of Alolan variants, the absence of gyms and even an Elite Four (even if people like Cynthia from Diamond and Pearl, and the return of Red and Blue after 20 years of waiting) drew fears from some that the games wouldn’t be as good as the ones before it.

While Pokemon Sun and Moon may not have as many brand-new Pokemon as the other generations did (the Alolan Pokedex is a mix between Pokemon from older generations and a large number that are native to the Alola Region), the fact that they also included a number of the more popular Pokemon from previous generations (including the Gible line, Goomy line, and Dratini line) might alleviate that.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be coming out for the Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS on November 18 (this Friday) in North America and November 23 in Europe, so you can see if the Pokemon Sun and Moon scores are true.