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New FIFA 17 Update Is Live On Consoles, Fixed Frame-Rate Issues

EA Sports has released today a brand new FIFA 17 update, available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This update weighs something around 2.97GB on both consoles and it fixes general frame-rate issues. Here you can find the full changelog.

Visual/Presentation Changes

  • Several new or updated player faces rendered for accurate character likeness.
  • General overlay adjustments.
  • Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
  • Addressed frame-rate issue during pre-match skill game.
  • Spanish crowds now use the authentic audio when reacting to a goal.
  • Black custom kits no longer clash with referee kits.

Addressed the Following in Pro Clubs

  • The flair trait is now available for all Pros.
  • Carrying over your Virtual Pro from FIFA 16 now correctly unlocks all passive traits.
  • An issue where players could receive excessive skill points.

In The Journey

  • Localized audio and character speech for the following: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Mexican Spanish.
  • Various presentation improvements.

Addressed the Following in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • General stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes.

Are you satisfied with latest FIFA 17 update?

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However, one of the things that has always interested FIFA fans is player ratings. It was not known how EA ratings are decided, until Michael Mueller-Moehring talked with ESPN.

According to him, some ratings are decided with a guess work because of the huge amount of data EA has to work on. That data is then refined thanks to professional data reviewers, scouts and regular football viewers.

One of the key element for player ratings is the league. In fact, when a strong player switches to a smaller league, his ratings drop. Moreover, there are some players that don’t have particular abilities, so EA has to alter their statistics in order to make them stronger.

FIFA 17 is already out for PS4, Xbox One and PC.