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How to Access Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer – 4 Easy Steps

Watch Dogs 2 has released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it is a very fun open world game especially for technology buffs. Watch Dogs 2 is mainly a single player title and that’s how most may play it. However, there is a multiplayer aspect of it that allows you to play with your friends and complete different missions.

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Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer is something you should at least try once with your friends. It is a highly fun mode and elevates the game’s appeal. To play Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer, you need to join a friends game or invite him/her to your server. Here are 4 easy steps to access multiplayer.

  1. Enter the main menu via the in-game smartphone
  2. Find and select the multiplayer application
  3. Select Co-Op invite or Matchmaking with random players
  4. Start the mission or free roam once the player has joined

Once the steps are complete all you have to do is enjoy the multiplayer experience in the vast open world of Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft’s latest game is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the PC version is delayed to November 29.

Pre-orders are live on Steam and Uplay for Watch Dogs 2 PC. According to the developers, they needed more time to polish and finalize Watch Dogs 2 for the biggest platform in the world.

Watch Dogs 2 has been received well by fans and critics, it looks like Ubisoft has listened and developed a better Watch Dogs. We suggest picking it up to rid of the bad taste of Watch Dogs 1.