Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Adds Micro-Transactions As COD Points Launch

Micro-transactions have been incorporated in video games by developers and publishers for quite some time. While many have voiced their concern over them, there are many gamers who use micro-transactions. Now Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is also confirmed to have micro-transactions.

Micro-transactions on Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare will be for game’s digital currency, COD Points, only. Like the previous entry in the franchise, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare will be using COD Points as its in-game currency that allows players to purchase rare supply drops.

According to the listing for COD Points, these can also be redeemed in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, but players will have to launch Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare first for the COD points to show up in Black Ops 3.

  • 200 CP for $1.99 USD
  • 1100 CP for $9.99 USD
  • 2400 CP for $19.99 USD
  • 5000 CP for $39.99 USD
  • 9500 CP for $74.99 USD
  • 13000 CP for $99.99 USD

It has become a common knowledge that Call Of Duty will see a new game annually and name for the next year’s Call Of Duty game might have been leaked.

The SAG-AFTRA strike is still going on and a list shared by SAG-AFTRA reveals the games that voice actors were currently working but halted it due to strike. According to the list, the next COD will be Call of Duty: Lethal Combat, and is being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

However, this is not the only rumor making rounds on the internet about the next year’s Call Of Duty. Recently, a rumor made its way to the internet suggesting that next year’s Call Of Duty will be ditching the futuristic setting and will be set during Vietnam war between 1955 and 1975.

What do you think of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare including the micro-transactions? Let us know in the comments.

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