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Following Latest Patch Battlefield 1 Performance Takes A Hit On PS4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro has launched along with a host of games for the users to enjoy and more will be added soon. However, there have been reports that the upgraded console has worse performance than PlayStation 4 for some games.

Battlefield 1 is also available for PlayStation 4 Pro and recently the game got updated. Now users are reporting that since the patch, the game’s performance has taken a hit and some graphical features have been downgraded on PS4 Pro.

A number of users have reported that since the patch, the performance of Battlefield 1 on PlayStation 4 Pro has taken a significant hit. According to NeoGAF user Arthur-Hucksake, “Jaggy shimmer is now present and a softer image all round. The frames don’t feel as smooth, either”.

Another user named Hurley added: “Just had a few games then on the pro and it does seem like the fps and image quality has taken a bit of a hit. Fps isn’t too bad but it doesn’t feel as smooth as pre-patch”.

Gamers took it to the Battlefield 1 official forum to report the performance hit on PS4 Pro. According to user BLAUCopter stated:

Was playing all afternoon pre-patch and not only does it look softer post patch it runs worse too. Just go play Argonne Forest and run around. There’s definitely a performance hit.

However, Battlefield 1 is not the only game to have worse performance on the upgraded console. Recently, we reported that games like The Last Of US and Skyrim Special Edition have worse performance on PS4 Pro compared to the original PS4.

Given that it is occurring in just a few games and issues with Battlefield 1 started to appear after the patch, it seems the problem may be from the developing side. However, PlayStation 4 Pro is relatively new console on the market and developers need time to fully understand it, and hopefully soon these issues will be solved.

Source: EA DICE ( Via: Powerupgaming)