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Xbox One Gets Two Backwards Compatible Arcade Games This Month

The Xbox One has gained two new backwards compatible arcade games to its library via the backwards compatibility service announced in 2015: Escape Dead Island, and Dead Space: Ignition. While both are part of mildly popular franchises from the past few years, it’s a bit of a drop from the previous games that have been put on the service.

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Escape from Dead Island and Dead Space: Ignition are both low-cost arcade games that aimed to tell their own stories in the same world as Dead Island and the Dead Space series. Escape Dead Island focuses on a young man named Cliff Calo, who heads to the island of Banoi to uncover the mysteries behind the zombie outbreak while dealing with his own deteriorating mental state at the same time.

Dead Space: Ignition is the second of the backwards compatible arcade games, and takes place on the Sprawl, the massive space-station city over Jupiter’s moon of Titan that serves as the primary setting of Dead Space 2.

The story follows an engineer by the name of Sarah as she works with Franco Delile (that guy from the beginning of Dead Space 2 that’s killed by Necromorphs while freeing Isaac from a mental hospital) as they see the beginnings of the Necromorph outbreak.

Both games were, unfortunately critically panned in the review phase, so unless you’re a really big fan of either Dead Island or Dead Space (neither one of which has come out with a new game in recent years, though at least Dead Island is having a sequel worked on) you’ll probably want to avoid the two backwards compatible arcade games that they’ve given us instead of good Xbox 360 games.

However, it would likely be better for you if you looked through other parts of the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility section in the store. You’ll likely be able to find a much better game looking there.