Xbox One BluRay App To Soon Receive Update To Support 4K Video

As Microsoft had promised earlier, the Xbox One BluRay app will finally be getting updated to bring it closer to the Xbox One S app and enable 4K for those with capable TVs.

Director of Programming at Xbox, Mike Ybarra tweeted earlier today that the Xbox One BluRay app will soon be receiving an update that will enable 4K upscaling for those who own a 4K TV so they can enjoy their content at an upscaled resolution.

It should be noted that the original Xbox One didn’t have this feature built in natively unlike Xbox One S so while both consoles will now support 4K video content, a difference in quality is to be expected but it shouldn’t be anything major.

Whether this upscale feature to be added in the Xbox One BluRay app perform better than the upscaling most 4K TVs already do on their content is unclear at this moment so it is possible that ultimately, this feature might not end up being all that useful for majority of the owners of the original Xbox One.

Microsoft’s commitment to 4K and it also being a backer of BluRay label now suggests the company is fully committed to delivering a complete home entertainment package through a single box as it earlier intended with the initial reveal of Xbox One, although in a much more user friendly way.

The native 4K video support with Xbox One S as well as many other benefits of the Xbox platform resulted in Microsoft announcing recently that Xbox One once again managed to become the highest selling console in US, fourth time in a row.

That streak might continue this month as well despite Sony launching PS4 Pro which lacks a UHD BluRay drive which despite Xbox One S being cheaper, does possess making it a decent and budget friendly BluRay player.

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