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Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Guide – $911, Always On, Bad Publicity, and Bottom Dollar

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Guide to help you complete $911, Always On, Bad Publicity, and Bottom Dollar in the game.

There are a total of 22 Side Operations in the game. The operations vary in difficulty and length. While some of them simply consist of carrying out a simple hack, others require in-depth investigations.

For the purpose of this guide, I have barely touched the storyline of the side operations to keep things as spoiler-free as possible.

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Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Guide

In the Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know to complete $911, Always On, Bad Publicity, and Bottom Dollar.

$991 Side Operation

To start off, you need to head over to the Hackerspace in Dolorous Park to learn more about Blume initiatives in Oakland. Once done, meet up with Christina and head to the drop-off point.

Hack the ctOS box near the northeast edge and get a car with Josh’s help. However, before doing that, you must profile a total of 5 clues using the NetHack. From there, it is a simple matter of leaving the car at the drop-off.

Head over to Jack London Square to meet with Miranda and offer to provide evidence against the corrupt police officers. To do this, head over to the refinery area in the south side of freeway and Starter Oil Company.

After arriving at the scene, profile a total of six clues and destroy three trucks. If you want to avoid all the troubles, simply drop a bomb on each truck as it passes using your Quadcopter followed by fleeing the area.

Once you have destroyed the trucks, head over to the northwest edge of the docks and profile a total of five clues. With that out of the way, prepare to ambush the ambulance and steal it.

From there, it is a simple matter of driving the stolen ambulance to the drop-off point. The final portion of the operation revolves around heading inside the Alcatraz prison to free the witnesses and heading out.

This portion of the operation can be completed in multiple ways, try out different things, and choose the one you are comfortable with. It is arguably the hardest part of the operation, but you should have no problems with it.

Always On Side Operation

For the side operation, you need to locate one of three citizens and carry out a successful hack.

The first person is outside a house on the northeast edge of a pond in the south-central portion of the Golden Gate Park. The second person is on the beach, near the south side of the Cliff House on Ocean Beach.

The final person is behind a large rock and stairs near the north side of the Ahed Housing Complex. Once you are done with hacking, head over to the Painted Ladies in San Francisco.

After arriving in the area, head to the alleyway behind the houses to find a router. Continue the hack including the HAUM light switch to frustrate the target. Once done, you should conclude the side operation.

Bad Publicity Side Operation

For the side operation, you need to find one of three citizens in San Francisco and hack their phones to learn more about the operation.

The first person is found outside Brizo’s Seafood Restaurant on Pier 39. The second person is found leaning against one of the giant pillars in the Palace of Fine Arts. The final person is found directly under the Chinese Temple roof in North Chinatown.

Once you are done, listen to phone conversations or read texts about Pr0-Lapz to proceed ahead. Head over to the designated location and either carry out the hack yourself or use the easy way using the RC Jumper – the ctOS box is located on the roof.

At this point, you can either hack a series of objects or simply call in the police officers to get the job done.

Bottom Dollar Side Operation

For the side operation, there are a total of three female hackers with the ctOS-enabled ATMs hack. You can find the locations of all three after the break.

The first one is located outside a garage two blocks northwest of the Storm Drain in west San Mateo, Silicon Valley. The second one is outside a bus stop in southwest Palo Alto, two blocks east of the Storm Drain. The final one is found inside a small recreational spot in the northeast Palo Alto – the area has red flooring.

Once you have the exploit, you will have to test it on a total of seven ctOS-enabled ATMs to complete the mission. Here are the locations of all the ATMs.

  • Stanford University
  • Near a Two-Story Apartment in Sausalito, Marin
  • Near the Plaza on the West Side of Christ the Light in Oakland
  • Hospital at Two Blocks West of Nudle Campus in Silicon Valley
  • SV Public Parking Garage on Northeast Palo Alto in Silicon Valley
  • Gas Station in North of Palo Alto, West Side of Fury Truck in Silicon Valley
  • Cruise Terminal Building, Northwest Edge of Ferry Building in San Francisco

Once you are done with all seven ATM hacks, you should automatically conclude the side operation.

This is all we have on Watch Dogs 2 Side Operations Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!