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Watch Dogs 2 Patch Aims To Fix Game’s Seamless Multiplayer Mode

Watch Dogs 2’s supposedly seamless multiplayer didn’t have a very good launch when the game came out. The multiplayer mode that was supposed to come with the game got taken offline over the weekend, as it made the game periodically lag and on some occasions completely crash, so now a Watch Dogs 2 patch is on the way.

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The Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer mode isn’t like the first Watch Dogs’s multiplayer mode, where players would have to watch out for other gamers that would attempt to hack them. The player being hacked would have to chase them down, while the hacking player would have to survive for long enough to complete the hack. Doing so would allow the hacking player to collect rewards.

Watch Dogs 2’s own seamless multiplayer, while it does have a mode similar to the first game’s, is much more like Grand Theft Auto. Players can come together with their friends and do missions together, or just drive around San Francisco causing havoc and doing bounties.

According to Ubisoft, the Watch Dogs 2 patch is now in certification by Sony and Microsoft, and with the game coming out tomorrow, on November 15, hopefully Microsoft and Sony will work with Ubisoft in order to get the patch implemented in time for the game to come out.

If the multiplayer doesn’t get patch in time for the game’s release date, players will still be able to play the single player offline with no issue, they just won’t be able to play the game with their friends. If you’re not going for that in what’s predominantly a single-player experience, then you can just keep playing the game without having to worry about the new Watch Dogs 2 patch.

Watch Dogs 2 will be coming out tomorrow on November 15 for the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC.