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Uncharted 4 Update Fixed Team Death Match and Other Issues

Sony has released its new gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 Pro, around the world. The console was announced in September on PlayStation Meeting, it supports 4K and HDR gaming.

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There are many current and upcoming games that support 4K and HDR now thanks to developer support. One of the major games for PlayStation 4, Uncharted 4, also support these features now. However, there was something wrong with optimizations for the game, due to which players faced a number of issues.

Thanks to Naughty Dog, we now have a new Uncharted 4 update that deals with all known issues with 4K and HDR on PlayStation 4. Following are the patch notes for Uncharted 4 update.

  • Fixed a profile issue causing users to lose their Trials & Ranked TDM progression
  • Fixed a Leaderboard issue where Classic Mode statistics counted to the regular TDM Leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue with being able to hear player’s microphones before a Ranked TDM match
  • Fixed an issue where the the HDR option could cause certain menu screens to become unresponsive

As you can see, the update also deals with TDM and leaderboard problems. Naughty Dog plans to support Uncharted 4 for another years or so, we have see a story DLC during this time. We can be sure that there will be more updates in the future.

On a related note, The Last of Us 2 is apparently under development if Nathan Drake voice actor is to be believed. We are expecting to see something this year, a teaser at least.

Do you think ND bring us The Last of Us 2 or a new IP next? Let us know in the comments.