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The Title Of The Next Call Of Duty May Have Been Leaked

Call Of Duty franchise is not at its best state right now. Infinite Warfare sales aren’t going well (at least if we compare them to the previous chapter ones) and the number of online players isn’t high as well. People are playing Battlefield 1 instead, showing much more interest to the World War 1 setting as they are tired of sci-fi battles. Now, even if nothing official has been said, it seems that the title of the next Call Of Duty may have been leaked.

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The SAG-AFTRA strike is still going on as we see voice actors against some of the biggest gaming companies, but thanks to this strike some information has been released on the internet.

According to a list shared by SAG-AFTRA, the next Call Of Duty game will be called Call of Duty: Lethal Combat, being eventually developed by Sledgehammer Games, the company behind Modern Warfare 3.

By the way, the first Call Of Duty game was released in 2003 for PC. It was developed by Infinity Ward but it was far from being a best-seller. It was based on Quake III: Team Arena engine and it was set in Europe during World War II.

Call Of Duty 1 wasn’t focused on the multiplayer experience, but on the story telling and the single player campaign. However, its sales weren’t good as only 4.5 millions of units were sold worldwide.

The franchise evolved during the following years, as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare changed what it meant to be a first person shooter. This game had a great cinematic story and fantastic multiplayer modes, with millions of players playing even some time after its release.

Anyhow, the franchise has to change in order have success again.

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