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Minecraft Update 1.11, “Exploration”, Hitting PC and Mac Today

Minecraft update 1.11, entitled “Exploration”, is hitting PC and Mac computers today to bring a wide variety of new Minecraft content to the PC version of the game. The update mainly revolves around exploring the Minecraft world and its hidden treasures, and will likely roll out for the console versions of the game sometime soon.

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The additions that came with Minecraft update 1.11 include such things as a new type of villager called the Cartographer, which exchanges spare emeralds in order to mark treasure spots on your map.

These treasure spots could be anything from Ocean Monuments, watched closely by Guardians, or the Woodland Mansion, which brings in another new addition to the game in the form of a new mob: the Illagers, who will summon mobs and throw potions at you to protect what’s theirs.

And what sorts of treasures will you be able to get? Minecraft update 1.11 includes, among other things, a treasure called the Totem of the Undying, which brings your character back to life if you take a fatal injury.

Also included in the game are a new form of wildlife (Llamas!) and a new storage container called the Shulker Box, which will carry your items around in it even after you break it to put it back in your inventory.

Minecraft has continued to remain extremely popular ever since it exploded onto the internet several years ago, making its creator Markus Persson fabulously rich (even more so since he sold the IP to Microsoft) and reaching not only teenage and young adult gamers, but also proving itself wildly popular among children as well.

The game also serves as a good source of revenue for Let’s Players, many of whom make their living getting millions of views from focusing on Minecraft videos.

Minecraft update 1.11 is currently only available for the PC and Mac but will be coming for consoles soon.