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Horizon: Zero Dawn World Shown In A New Trailer

Guerrilla Games is working hard on Horizon: Zero Dawn, releasing within the next year. This title looks promising, with its good graphics and interesting gameplay, and now a new video has been uploaded on Youtube, focusing on Horizon: Zero Dawn world.

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In this video, art director Jan-Bart van Beek talks about the game and its “eco-topes”, each having their own kind of machines and environments. The trailer shows various locations from deserts to snowy mountains.

But we have reality too in Horizon: Zero Dawn world, as this game has the day and night cycle and a dynamic weather. Everything works simultaneously, to provide the feeling of a real living world in which you can see harmony and nature.

However, when creating this game, Guerrilla Games didn’t want to make an RPG.

They started with the idea of an open world game only, but the team changed their minds during the development phase. Here you can find what Mathis de Jonge, director of Horizon Zero Dawn, told to Gameinformer.

We’ve been working at this concept from the point of view of a developer, thinking about what could work with this game and its concept. And then we’ve added these features. We haven’t said from the start that this will be an RPG, and it needs to have these features. It was always decided that we should have worked on the concept, adding features and stuff based on what’s best for this title.

Well, it will be curious to see the final version of the game as Guerrilla Games has always been known for the Killzone series. They’ve never worked on RPGs before.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is releasing on February 28, 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.