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Players Manage To Finish A Dishonored 2 Speedrun As Emily In Record Time

Speedruns of games, especially semi-linear first person titles are becoming a norm these days and the latest to join the category is Dishonored 2 speedrun. While the game itself contains well over 15 hours of content in the form of main story and side collectibles, some players have taken it upon themselves to end it as fast as possible.

Most of the Dishonored 2 speedrun attempts have been on record but recently, a player managed to create a new record with Emily Kaldwin and finished the game in 30 minutes and 6 seconds.

Of course these Dishonored 2 speedruns don’t include loading times due to different system specifications of those attempting them. Cutscenes and other ‘talking’ moments in the game are also skipped to minimize the time.

These speedruns however won’t be possible without the usual of some glitches which are common in such games and are hence exploited by players to make their mark on speedrun leaderboards.

The fastest speedrun record, set by user named cearadeth, has him play as Emily on PC and he just managed to beat the record today. The 2nd fastest attempt is as Corvo by DrTChops and he managed to finish the game in 31 minutes and 32s.

Emily’s Far Reach after some specific upgrades really end up giving her an edge in these speedruns and it seems like it will continue until players discover some new tricks to be used while playing as Corvo.

Since these are speedruns, the only thing that really matters here is finishing the story so overall game completion percentage is ignored as it includes side objectives and collectibles.

Those interested in submitting their own Dishonored 2 speedrun can check out this website with a leaderboard of all the timings as well as a guide for some of the best routes available in the game.