Bungie Issues Statement Over Destiny Skill Based Matchmaking

Destiny community is pretty passionate about what it wants from the developers and how it wants to see them improve the game over time. One of the major issues for the community has been with skill based matchmaking which is affecting player experience due to overly competitive matches and lag so the fans wanted it gone for good.

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The community raised their voice and Bungie responded to the formal protest. According to Bungie, they are committed to do better and will do better for Destiny and its players.

Destiny is in a constant state of flux and evolution. The engineers at Bungie who write the code are always exploring ways we can make your gameplay experience better. So, I agree with this sentiment, as well as the manner in which is was expressed. We can always do better. We’re committed to always doing better.

Bungie’s community manager David Dague added:

When I look at the Destiny forum today, what I see looks more like a formal protest. That can be inspiring. We provide this forum so that you can have a voice. My recommendation is that we use this space to explain our opinions, rather than starting and bumping the same thread with the same title. Tell us “why” you want what you want. Brute force is not how to win over the developers. Show them your side of the issue.

The post on the company’s official forum assured the community that it is always part of the conversation. Destiny released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The community is spread across different expansions and everyone has their own issues.

Bungie will release more updates to deal and make changes to Destiny. In the meantime, the studio is also working on the sequel to Destiny which is expected to be revealed next year.