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Bioware Teasing Next Dragon Age Game Announcement?

Dragon age is one of the most popular franchises developed by Bioware and nothing solid about this game franchise has been heard since Dragon Age Inquisition as the studio is currently focusing on Mass Effect Andromeda.

While the devs focus on their upcoming game that does not mean Bioware has no plans for the Dragon Age franchise, as the series’ executive producer, Mark Darrah, seems to have teased the next Dragon Age game.

Mark Darrah posted a series of images with “?” in the caption. The images you can see below clearly indicates that Darrah is teasing the next Dragon Age game and we can expect the announcement of the game soon.

Since the development on Mass Effect Andromeda is almost complete and the game is speculated to launch in March 2017, it seems fit that Bioware will start working on next Dragon age game. However, I believe that the game will not launch before 2018.

While Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises are completely different in terms of gameplay, setting and lore, but Dragon Age Inquisition helped developers to make things right for the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda.

According to Bioware, Dragon Age player feedback caused the studio to rethink its approach to open-world quests in Mass Effect Andromeda.

With the reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda many assumed that this would be a start of a new trilogy of Mass Effect games. But Bioware has a different plan, as the studio has clarified that Mass Effect Andromeda will tell a self-contained story and will not be a start of a new trilogy.

However, the studio did not rule out the idea of the more Mass Effect games in this new setting or galaxy. But emphasized that by the end of the game they want it to feel that the story is completed.

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