Telltale is Working on Guardians of the Galaxy Game, According to Voice Actor

Telltale Games is apparently working on Guardians of the Galaxy game, according to a SAG-AFTRA leak. It is already confirmed that Telltale Games is in partnership with Marvel for a project that would release in 2017. However, Telltale is yet to mentioned what project they are working on.

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But it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy may have leaked.

Telltale games

A Guardians of the Galaxy games would certainly be welcomed by the community. The concept would work well, especially, when crafted by Telltale Games. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Marvel and Telltale are silent on the leak but we will update you as soon as any new developments are made. Telltale Games usually work on multiplatform games but it would not be surprising if Guardians of the Galaxy game turns out to be (timed) exclusive to PlayStation. Marvel has a great partnership with Sony and is already working with Insomniac to develop Spider Man PS4.

There are many Marvel IPs that we would love to see turned into video games. Guardians of the Galaxy seems like the perfect fit for a Telltale game.

On a related note,  After years of discussion, all parties in the SAG-AFTRA  issue have not reached a fair deal during their contract negotiations. They were looking for a contract that is rooted in industry standards and best practices.

 Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists were negotiating for residual payments based on profit sharing, health insurance, limiting vocally intensive sessions to two ours to protect voice actor’s voice etc.
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Source: ComicBookMovies