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Ubisoft Will Be Supporting Rainbow Six Siege With New Content For Another Year

Rainbow Six Siege has been quite popular among gamers and is one of the best competitive games that players can enjoy right now. Now Ubisoft has announced that the company will be supporting Rainbow Six Siege for the second year.

The announcement comes from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account where Ubisoft announced that devs will be supporting the game for a second year with new content.

However, no specifics were revealed about the second year content, nor it was revealed that Ubisoft will following the year format where they launched a new map with a couple of operators.

As I mentioned earlier, Rainbow Six Siege has been very popular among gamers. However, when no one even thought of the game, Ubisoft was working developing Rainbow Six Patriots which was to be a singleplayer game. But the idea of patriots was scrapped and devs started working on Siege.

According to Rainbow Six Brand Director, Alex Remy, they completely scrapped the idea for Rainbow Six Patriots, and even the team was new except for a couple of developers. He further added that the team wanted to focus on sustainability of the franchise, and that was to focus on the competitive multiplayer.

We really wanted to focus on multiplayer because we felt that’s where the franchise should go. And building that game around multiplayer, we thought this is how we were going to get some sort of sustainability in the long term. So I think that’s one of the things we were adamant in doing–building the game for the long term.

Rainbow Six Siege is a first person tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.