Pokemon Sun And Moon New Hyper Training Feature Requires Extremely Rare Items To Work

The Launch of Pokemon Sun And Moon is just around the corner and the developers have been revealing new details about the game.

Training Pokemon has been a difficult task but Game Freak has made it easy by introducing “Hyper Training” in the upcoming game.

Hyper Training allows players adjusts the IVs(Internal values) of their Pokemon once they reach level 100, which cuts down 100s of hours of breeding and hatching.

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Speaking with gamesTM, director Shigeru Ohmori discussed the Hyper Training. According to them, Hyper Training requires items that will not be easy for players to get their hands on.

To carry out Hyper Training, you need to collect silver and gold crowns and these are very rare items, so it’s not like you can get your hands on them easily. It’s not that the idea of hatching, breeding, raising, evolving and training your Pokémon is completely gone – you still very much have that in the game. It’s still a worthwhile pursuit and we hope that people who enjoy that aspect can continue to do so.

He further added that with Hyper Training feature players will be able to train their Pokemon to a level as if they brought their already trained Pokemon from previous games to shine in the upcoming one.

What we can give players the chance to do with this new Hyper Training feature is if they’ve got their favorite Pokemon from previous games, they can bring them over and give them a chance to shine in this new game. There are various ways Trainers can enjoy the depth of the battle system and we hope they’ll keep doing that.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to launch on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.

Source: NintendoEveryThing