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Producer Reveals Why So Many Pokemon Sun And Moon Details Were Revealed Ahead Of Launch

The launch of Pokemon Sun And Moon is just around the corner and fans are excited to finally get their hands on the games. Developers and publishers hype up their game before launch but Pokemon Sun And Moon has seen a steady flow of trailers, commercials, live stream events, magazine articles and more.

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However, game producer Junichi Masuda has given an answer to why so many details about Pokemon Sun And Moon were revealed before launch. Speaking with gamesTM, Masuda said that the style of marketing the games have changed a lot and it is necessary for the devs to reveal so many details before launch.

We’ve got this change in the style and play of the game, but one thing we’re aware of is that previously, you’ve been able to keep excitement just by saying one or two things about the game and people remained excited. Nowadays, you can say some things and people can lose interest quite quickly – it becomes yesterday’s news and something else is exciting. We want to try and keep people interested with this slow, continual release of new information and hopefully people will still be looking forward to the game by the time it comes out.

The game is just a few days away from launch and still leaks about the game are coming in. Recently, new leak made its way to the internet that revealed the version specific Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Sun And Moon are an RPG developed by Game Freak and is scheduled to launch on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS. Nintendo has also announced 2DS Bundles for the game which will be available on November 23.