Pokemon Sun And Moon Z-Crystals Give “Splash” Move A Purpose

Since the inception of the Pokemon games, there is one Pokemon attack that always has been a useless one. The attack is called “Splash” and is well known among the Pokemon fans for being a useless move. But all of this will be changing in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

In previous Pokemon games, Splash attack was followed by a phrase “nothing happened” and it had no purpose in the battle. But with the introduction of the Z-moves to Pokemon Sun And Moon “Splash” could actually prove useful to trainers.

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Twitter user Mike S. who is also a competitive Pokemon champion posted a video showcasing how the Z-status works and to demonstrate it he chose “Splash” move.

For those who don’t know, by using a Z-Crystal of the appropriate type players can boost Pokemon moves of the same type. In the video, the trainer uses the ‘Normalium Z’ crystal to boost the “Splash” move.

Interestingly, Z-Splash move still does not do any damage but it boosts the user’s attack three times.

The Pokemon Company also revealed two new Ulta Beasts for Pokemon Sun And Moon. CoroCoro magazine has published another issue featuring some interesting new creatures from the upcoming game. The scans revealed New Ultra Beasts and info regarding Z-Moves. In addition to that, the magazine gave us a look at the mysterious new Black Pokemon.

While the game is less than a week away from launch but leaks and rumors are not stopping. Recently a new leak made its way on the internet that revealed the version specific Pokemon for Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is scheduled to arrive on November 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS. Also, 2DS Bundles for the game will be available on November 23.