Following PS4 Pro Launch PlayStation 4 Sales Are Up 204%

For past four months, Microsoft’s Xbox One S had took the lead in the sales over Sony’s PlayStation 4. Well, PlayStation 4 Pro has hit the stores which helped triple the PlayStation 4 sales in the UK.

According to the GfK hardware data, PlayStation 4 sales rose 204% week-over-week for the week ending Saturday, November 12th. During this period 65 percent of all PlayStation 4 sales came from PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4 sales also saw a rise of 8.5 percent week-over-week.

Overall PlayStation 4 sales were 44 percent higher than Xbox One, with Sony’s console claiming the 53 percent share of the market. Xbox One took 37 percent of the market share.

Despite being overshadowed by the release of PlayStation 4 Pro it was a good sales period for Xbox One too. According to the data, Xbox One saw an increase of 85 percent week-over-week in sales. This was partly due to Microsoft cutting prices of original Xbox One consoles.

PlayStation 4 Pro launched on November 11 with a slew of game titles supporting the console. While PlayStation 4 Pro is very powerful console some games have worse performance on it than PlayStation 4.

However, this is not an issue that is plaguing every game on the console, but it varies from title to title, and in some cases from scene to scene. Games like The Last Of Us, Skyrim Special Edition, and Mantis Burn Racing have poor performance on PlayStation 4 Pro and run smoother on base PlayStation 4.

But this issue is not occurring for all games available for PlayStation 4 Pro, instead it is just popping up in some games. This suggests that the problem is from the developer’s side who did not properly optimized the game for the upgraded console. Hopefully, it will be fixed with future updates.

So what do you think of the increment in PlayStation 4 sales? Do you think Xbox One would now be able to top it in coming months? Let us know in the comments.

Source: MCVUK