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Mysterious New Black Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Spotted in the Latest CoroCoro

Pokemon Sun and Moon will drop later this month for 3DS and can potentially be the biggest Pokemon release considering the hype surrounding these projects. Players are excited to know more about the game and The Pokemon Company keeps dropping tidbits here and there.

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The latest regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon came from CoroCoro magazine. It looks like there is a mysterious Black Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon a part of the games. The scans revealed New Ultra Beasts and info regarding Z-Moves. In addition to that, the magazine gave us a look at the mysterious new Black Pokemon.

My Pokemon knowledge isn’t as good as some you but I think it is safe to say that this is not a Pokemon we have seen before. However, do let me know if that isn’t the case. At the top of my head, it doesn’t resemble any of the classic Pokemon which means this is a new addition to the series.

It is said that this Pokemon has something to do with Solgaleo and Lunala. Here’s a look at the Black Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon in question as well as the new Z Moves for the Starter Evolutions.

Decidueye’s is named “Shadow Arrow Strike” in Japanese and Inceneroar’s is named “Hyper Dark Crusher.”

On a related note, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Pokemon Sun and Moon won’t feature gyms and HMs. Instead, both of these features are being replaced.

Pokemon Sun and Moon would be shaking things up, which was expected after the reveal of Island Challenge Trials. Since its reveal, it was being speculated that Pokemon Sun and Moon may drop gyms. The Island Challenge Trial will replace Gyms.

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Source: CoroCoror (Via Serebii)