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Nioh’s Length Is Around 70 Hours On Average, Will Be Like A Samurai Movie

Players won’t be wanting for length when Team Ninja’s upcoming RPG Nioh comes out. According to the game director Fumihiko Yasuda in an interview with wccftech, Nioh’s length is somewhere around 70 hours, probably longer if you want to grind for better gear or XP or spend a good bit of time trying and failing to conquer the game’s bosses.

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This is fairly in line with From Software’s own infamously hard RPG games, though the side of the world that the two games take place in is entirely different, comparing the Western-style Dark Souls and Victorian steampunk of Bloodborne to the feudal period Japan that this game takes place in.

Considering how long those games can go depending on how skillful you are at them, odds are that Nioh’s length will function on a similar angle, with the length of time you spend in the game depending more on your skill.

Yasuda also went into detail in the interview about the game’s plot: though taken into some of the real-life history of William Adams, the main character (and one of the few Westerners that became samurai in their own right), the story does add a number of fantasy and ahistorical elements.

Other portions of the story have been based on elements from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Akira Korusawa’s films, such as “Yojimbo” and “Seven Samurai”.

In the terms of the story, William has come to Japan in pursuit of an enemy of his, but finds his path to his opponent blocked by the yokai (ghosts and demons in Japanese terms) that are now infesting Japan. In order to find his way to his target, William will have to team up with the ninja Hanzo Hattori.

With luck, hopefully Nioh’s length also includes a better explanation of the game’s plot than From Software’s infamously obtuse lore and story information. Nioh releases on the Playstation 4 on February 9 on the Playstation 4.