Is Emily Kaldwin Gay? Dishonored 2 Dev Answers It

Dishonored 2 has launched for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with some stellar reviews but some fans of the game still have a question in their mind that needs answering. The question that is troubling some fans is that whether or not Emily Kaldwin is Gay?

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Dishonored 2’s creative director Harvey Smith was asked this question in a recent Reddit AMA(Ask Me Anything). While Smith did not offer a simple yes or no as an answer but his answer does suggest that she might be gay.

As an action game, we do not delve into that. We lack the time and space for much romance. But my assumption is that – as a confident young woman brought up to lead and to stand against detractors and enemies, representing an Empire – she does as she pleases, and has probably dallied with a variety of people. However, her heart belongs to Wyman.

It is important to mention that Wyman has been purposefully kept gender neutral by devs and is referred as “they” in the game’s lore. On the other hand, some fans have suggested that the character identifies as non-binary or genderqueer but this has not been confirmed.

Speaking of LGBT characters, Blizzard Entertainment has also announced that they have not forgotten about including the LGBT character to Overwatch. According to Lead Writer Michael Chu, it is “important for us to have diversity and inclusiveness of all types and that includes LGBT characters”.

He further added that he does not want the stories for these characters to just feel romantic, but the devs are trying to make familial relationships and stuff like that.

While some fans will be disappointed with Arkane not publically admitting that Emily is gay, there are other prominent LGBT characters in the game that play an important role in the game’s story.