Xbox One Outsold PS4 In US For The Fourth Time In A Row

For the fourth month in a row, Xbox One outsold PS4 as Microsoft revealed that Xbox One was once again the best-selling console in US in October.

The data obtained by NPD Group, a market research company showed that Xbox One outsold PS4 in US once again, thanks primarily to the brilliant Xbox One S.

Microsoft’s winning streak doesn’t just continue in US as the Xbox One also managed to become the best-selling console 2nd month in a row in UK as well as Australia during the month of October.

A big reason for this continued streak and boost in sales number for the consoles is undoubtedly Gears of War 4, although Battlefield 1’s marketing deal with Xbox also helped the case. Gears of War 4, being a Microsoft exclusive, resulted in big numbers for the company.

The game itself was also the number one platform exclusive during the month in US and UK, having released on 11th October.

The combined player count of Gears of War 4 and Battlefield 1 are also responsible for the 52 percent increase in multiplayer players on Xbox Live over the same period last year. The increase in player count is a huge deal especially considering Halo 5: Guardians released in October 2015 and the first person shooter even serves as an eSport.

Microsoft celebrated their September’s success with a platform montage last month, highlighting some of the best features of the new Xbox One S.

Considering the ongoing sale on the classic Xbox One, more Backwards Compatible games, Deals with Gold, November’s Games with Gold as well as the inevitable bundle discounts during Black Friday sales, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to imagine Xbox One once again becoming the top selling console in November.

While PS4 Pro’s launch might make it difficult, unlike Sony’s 4K capable console, the Xbox One S also serves as a blu-ray player for home entertainment systems.

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