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Xbox Holiday Update Adds Clubs, Achievement Rarity, And More

The Xbox Holiday Update is coming out today, so players on the Xbox One that aren’t a part of the Preview program will finally be getting access to the new features that Xbox Live will be getting with the new update, which includes everything from clubs to emojis to group messaging.

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The Xbox One Preview program gives its subscribers the ability to get access to new features on the Xbox One through their testing phase, before they go out to the rest of the Xbox One’s userbase. The Xbox Holiday Update is no exception, though now it’s moved out of the testing phase and is now coming out for everyone’s Xbox consoles.

The new update includes things like clubs for players to join, group messaging so that you can send one another text messages in your party, how rare an Xbox achievement is among your circle of friends, a gamerscore leaderboard, and emojis that you can use in your group messaging.

Many of these additions to Xbox Live are the result of high demand from Xbox players, such as the Achievement Rarity option, which have already been implemented on the Playstation Network, where trophies were given colors depending on how difficult they were to achieve.

Since the Xbox Holiday Update comes out today, Xbox One owners on Xbox Live will be able to make use of these features as soon as the update finishes downloading, and be able to better communicate with their friends and other people that like the same games on Xbox Live.

Considering the large variety of multiplayer-focused games that have recently come out (Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), additional ways for players to communicate with one another and meet up with others that like the same sorts of games can be very useful for Xbox players.