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Top 5 Exceptional Battlefield 1 Features You Need to Know

Battlefield 1 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is the biggest launch in EA DIE history and rightfully so. After a botched Battlefield 4 release and a mediocre Hardline, EA needed something big to bounce back. Little did we know that the company had a gem in the making already, Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 came as a breath of fresh air in a genre that was becoming saturated with dull, repetitive shooters thanks to the success of Call of Duty games. Millions are playing Battlefield 1 and we hope more join in the action.

Top 5 Exceptional Battlefield 1 Features

5 – Animations

It is clear that DICE paid a lot of attention to animation design in Battlefield 1. The most satisfying animation award goes to reload animation for Sniper Rifles. DICE went one step further by adding animations for entering  vehicles. Players are vulnerable at the time and if you see someone entering a vehicle you can shoot them down.

The best part is the melee kill animations, they are brutal but taking out that annoying camper from behind with a melee attack feels great.

4 – Destruction

While Battlefield 1 does not have levolution like Battlefield 3, 4, it does come with a great level of destruction. You can run over houses, buildings etc using tanks and other armored vehicles.

Planes can blow open buildings and falling debris and actually kill the enemies hiding inside. On open maps where there is less cover, destroying buildings means enemies will be forced to roam out in the open which lets snipers pick them off one by one.

Destruction in Battlefield 1 is highly detailed as nearly everything you see on the map can be reduced to rubble. Moreover, Shell and Bomb impacts create craters, changing the shape of the map. Each map can be transformed into a No Man’s Land of World War I.

3 – Classes

Compared to previous Battlefield games, classes have seen significant improvements and changes. Each class is unique and is truly dedicated to a purpose. The equipment each class uses is custom made for the purpose they serve – Sniper, Medic, Assault, Scout, Sentry, Tank Hunter, Flamethrower.

2 – Weather Effects

Whoever thought it was a good idea to add weather effects and have them impact gameplay, needs to be rewarded with a promotion at EA DICE. Battlefield 1 has layers after layers of little details and features that add so much to the bigger picture.  The game would have been fine without weather effects on maps and no one would have even bothered to think about it.

However, now that they introduced such a feature, it will be hard to imagine a Battlefield game without it. Weather effects impact your visibility, strategy, and changes the way how you approach different situations. This is especially true for the Sinai Desert where Snipers are rendered useless during a sandstorm due to low visibility.

1 – Realistic Sound Design

All that can be said to the sound design team is, bravo! From explosions to gun fire to melee kills, each aspect of the game that generates any type of noise is exceptionally designed and simply stunning, to say the least. Guns have a real mechanical sound to them and the sound design even makes reloading your weapon incredibly satisfying.

The sound of your weapon changes based on your surroundings; the shot from sniper rifle echoes throughout the map and it forces you to pay attention to the great sound design of this game. It adds an extra layer of immersions and realism to the intensity of the battle around you.

You will also hear bullets ricocheting off of different surfaces around you and even sound different based on the surface type.

What are your favorite Battlefield 1 features, let us know in the comments below.