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Nintendo Is Ceasing Wii U Production In Japan

Nintendo is about to begin a new era with Switch, a new portable console that should replace Wii U once for all. Some stories appeared on the web, claiming Nintendo was about to end Wii U production within November 4, but they came out as fake ones. However, Nintendo Japan’s website claims that Wii U production is about to cease soon.

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Only two bundle are available right now:

  • Nintendo Wii U 32GB premium bundle
  • Nintendo Wii U 32GB Splatoon bundle, including a digital copy of Splatoon, and the Callie and Marie amiibo.

At the moment we are writing we have no information on when Nintendo is ceasing Wii U production, but it will probably happen within the end of the year in Japan.

However,┬áthere are a lot of reason that led to Nintendo Wii U’s failure.

The first important thing is hardware. Nintendo Wii U was less powerful than PS4 and Xbox One, and this element made go away a lot of developers, as less power means less capability of doing things.

So a lot third party companies left Nintendo too early and they had to go on without mainstream games to purpose, with the sales falling deeply down.

Moreover, Nintendo wasn’t smart in marketing. They didn’t give people a real reason to buy Wii U. They tried to live on Wii’s hype instead and the result was terrific.

Last, but not least, people didn’t really try to appreciate this console. Yeah, it’s true, there aren’t too many masterpieces on this console, but it still has some good games. Moreover it has been designed for sharing great experiences with friends.

We hope will give a chance to Switch.