Meet PeeBee And Liam Your New Squadmates In Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware has been keeping a steady stream of details about Mass Effect Andromeda since its reveal. We all know that squadmates have always played an important role in Mass Effect games, and this time Bioware has introduced us with the squadmates of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Recently GameInformer visited that Bioware where the developers revealed the two unique personalities, Liam and PeeBee. While Bioware did reveal details about these characters but held some back like the reason for their involvement in the Andromeda Initiative program.

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Liam is a former police officer, who is a member of the Pathfinder team and manages the security. According to creative director,Mac Walters, “Liam is the youthful, enthusiastic, and in some cases, the idealistic follower that you get”.

Liam Mass Effect Andromeda

Liam takes his duties quite seriously but he also has a sense of humor. According to Walter, “He’s got Ryder’s back”, even though he gets angry when thigs go south, but he supports Ryder with his/her decisions. Liam is also very hopeful for the future of humanity.

Another squadmate in Mass Effect Andromeda is PeeBee, who is an Asari and an adventurer at her heart. She came to the Andromeda aboard the Nexus, but true to her character, quickly went off adventuring on her own.

peebee Mass Effect Andromeda

However, PeeBee is not a member of the Pathfinder team but players find her during the course of their mission.

You find her in the course of your adventures. PeeBee is particularly interested in all of the alien technology and things that can be found in Andromeda, constantly looking for clues and things she can study.

PeeBee is also smart but has a distaste for formalities or social niceties, which makes her come off as a direct or blunt character.

Her mind goes quickly as does her mouth. It’s hard keeping up with her. PeeBee will buck the norm at any given time. She’s not about rules or culture or anything like that. She’s not even about teams or teamwork.

Bioware also wanted the characters in Mass Effect Andromeda, to feel fresh and unique compared to the previous entries in the franchise.

Honestly, it’s a combination of a whole bunch of things, and what I say is rather than trying to make a really unique or memorable character through your writing, take a character who’s relatable and put them in a really unique situation and see how they react. That’s actually how I think you get the most interesting character development happening.

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