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Free Rainbow Six Siege Weekend Comes Before New Red Crow DLC

With the Operation Red Crow DLC coming up soon, Ubisoft has declared another free Rainbow Six Siege weekend, allowing players on the Playstation 4 and PC to play the game for free from November 11 (tomorrow) to November 13 (Sunday). Operation Red Crow is going to be the last DLC that the game releases, and comes out on November 17.

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Rainbow Six Siege has had three other DLCs before now, each one bringing in new maps and new specialists, and Operation Red Crow will no exception when it comes out after the free Rainbow Six Siege weekend. The pack will be bringing in a new map that takes place in Nagoya, in Japan, and two new operators called Echo and Hibana.

The Nagoya map’s story is that players are mobilized to take down a highly organized Yakuza operation located in a skyscraper. The Yakuza faction rebelled against the organization’s current leader and began a great deal of violence in the city below you.

Hibana is one of the two operators you get, and is one of the first female attacker units that you can get post-launch. Hibana is a close-quarters specialist, meaning that she gets a number of weapons that are best used at close ranges like the shotgun, and SMGs as secondary weapons.

Echo is the second operator, and while he’s male, he’s essentially the same as Hibana, given the same sort of close-quarters weaponry that would be good for the insides of buildings like on the Skyscraper map.

While the DLC content won’t be included in the free Rainbow Six Siege weekend, players won’t have to wait for much longer to experience it when it does come out next Thursday. And, if you haven’t played the game already, you’ll be able to play it with all of the currently available DLC added to it, giving you a good choice not only in maps but also in characters.