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BioWare’s Mac Walters Gives Details On Mass Effect Andromeda Romances

Mac Walters, the lead designer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, has come onto Twitter to give some information about what players can expect from the Mass Effect Andromeda romances. According to him, the depth of the romances will depend on the nature of the characters you initiate it with.

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Romances have long been a part of many of the more recent Bioware games, with Mass Effect allowing Commander Shepard to pursue a romance with a character throughout the plot (something that generated a bit of undeserved controversy when the first game came out). Some of these romances have improved representation of LGBT groups in the game, such as lesbian or male-on-male relationships.

According to Walters, the nature of the characters that you’ll be with in the Mass Effect Andromeda romances will dictate how the romance goes. If you just want to be friends with benefits, you’ll be going for one character, but if you want a deep and meaningful relationship you could go with another. If you want to fool around with another person, just having casual sex, there’s a character for that too.

Walters also gave another tidbit of information about the game during the Twitter discussion, when he addressed a fan’s question on whether the Kett, the apparently main antagonist race that we’ll be fighting throughout the game, will be the only new intelligent alien race that we’ll be encountering.

Considering it’s a whole galaxy, there’s not really anything that would indicate that the Kell are the only race in it, unless they’ve gone the Reaper route and killed everything in it that wasn’t them.

Either way, hopefully the Mass Effect Andromeda romances that we’ll be seeing in the game will be able to cater to everyone’s different romantic tastes, and will be just as good of a part of the game as what we’re used to in Bioware games.