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5 Things That Make Titanfall 2 Better Than the Original

Titanfall 2 is now available on consoles and PC, it is the latest work of Respawn Entertainment who was also behind the first game. The original Titanfall was indirectly pitched as a Call of Duty killer but it failed to live up to the hype. It was also sold for $60 but lacked content which made many feel ripped off.

However, this year Titanfall is back with a bang and may have actually did significant damage to rival Call of Duty. Not only that, but Titanfall 2 developers heard community feedback and implemented features accordingly. Titanfall 2 is better than the original game in many ways but here are the top 5 things that make it superior to Titanfall.

5 Things That Make Titanfall 2 Better

Meaty Single Player Campain

Titanfall lacked a single player campaign but was still sold for full price. But that has changed with the second game thanks to community feedback and backlash. Titanfall 2 not just includes a single player campaign, it actually does an excellent job for its first attempt at this mode.

It is a well-written, well-directed story that highlights the relationship between a Titan and its Pilot. In fact, in some cases, it even manages to get you a little choked up.

Packed with large-scale spectacles and intense combat, Titanfall 2 is your go to sci-fi shooter this year.

Grapple Hook

Mobility had always been a major aspect of this franchise but developers have taken it up a notch with the addition of the grappling hook. In the previous game, you needed to find a specific point on the map, locate the zip line and move across to the other side.

With Titanfall 2, Respawn has included a grappling hook that can be added to the loadout if you wish. It allows you to reach almost every part of the map. It adds to the vertically and mobility of multiplayer gameplay. You can also use it in combat to pull the enemy player toward you and punch him dead in the face.

No Season Pass

Respawn Entertainment and EA are shining examples of how you listen to your community. EA DICE did it with Battlefield and released an excellent game in the form of Battlefield 1. Meanwhile, Respawn took notice of our issues with the first game and worked hard on Titanfall 2.

One of the issues we had was paying full price for a game that lacked content. On top of that, they split the player-base with a Season Pass which felt like a slap on the face at the time.

But Titanfall 2 released with no Season Pass! EA announced that all future content will be released via free updates. Titanfall 2 already packed enough content to justify its $60 price tag, having more content for free makes up for how things were handled with Titanfall 1.

Polished Multiplayer

Multiplayer has always been the highlight for Titanfall and this time around multiplayer matches feel even more refined. Gameplay is quick, addictive, intense, action packed short burst sessions with not a single dull moment. The best part is that the package never feels cheap like some other sci-fi shooters.

Spawn points are excellently done and make sense to the player. Moreover, the time and shots it takes to kill are balanced and fair. Titanfall 2 multiplayer maps are not massive but still big enough to allow breathing spaces between action.


Titanfall 2 comes with a neat multiplayer feature called Networks. It allows large numbers of players to form groups online and the game will try to match you with members of your team.

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