28% Of US Gamers Made DLC Purchases In The Last Three Months

Everyone knows that microtransactios are one of the main scourges of gaming, making gamers buy useless stuff for unfair prices. But, if you’re wondering why no one gets rid of them, it’s because up to 28 percent of gamers in the United States made DLC purchases in the last three months.

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Going by a report from the NPD Group, Each of those 58 percent of United States gamers, going through ages 13 to 54. Apparently 28 percent of gamers in this age group spend around 53 dollars on DLC and microtransactions in the last three months. Depending on how many people that is, this can total up to several million or billion dollars.

Of that 28 percent of gamers, 55 percent of them bought DLC packs, which was the most popular DLC points, likely because of the content that you get for your money. Considering some of the DLC that came out like this (such as Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, which brought you a number of new missions, weapons, armor, and mechanics.

Among the rest of that group, 37 percent of people that bought DLC did it to have fun. Eight percent, however, bought the DLC to save time, likely in reference to microtransactions on mobile games that would speed up things that would normally have taken hours in mobile games. The other 37 percent was likely in reference to costumes, maps, and others sorts of purchases.

When it comes to what the DLC purchases are, new weapons and new powerups top the list of microtransactions, likely in games like Overwatch, REQ Cards in Halo 5: Guardians, and more.

So, before you start complaining about how microtransactions and DLC purchases are ruining gaming, maybe you shouldn’t blame the companies for repeatedly putting them in, but more the gamers that keep buying the stuff. Even if it’s cool, you should probably try and cut down on the spending if you want it to have an impact.