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25.6 Billion Of PlayStation Trophies Have Been Unlocked Since 2008

As part of the celebrations of PlayStation Store’s tenth anniversay, Sony has sent an email to the owners of PSN accounts in North America, revealing some interesting statistics about the service. According to this mail, something like 25.6 billion of PlayStation trophies have been unlocked since 2008 on different Sony platforms.

Interesting, isn’t it?

It seems that Formula One Championship Edition was the first demo ever downloaded on the PSN, while the first game people bought was Blast Factor.

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However, PlayStation Network was born a decade ago. A lot of time has passed!

This service called PlayStation Network (PSN) is provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was launched in November 2006, as it was thought to be an exclusive of PlayStation consoles, but it has been quickly ported to smartphones, tablets, Blu-Ray players and HD televisions.

But let’s talk about numbers. As of April 2016,  PSN has more than 110 million registered users, with 65 million of them active monthly.

By the way, things aren’t going good for Sony as PSN is under attack almost every two weeks. Even if Sony tried to help costumers by introducing the 2 step verification, a lot of private accounts have been stolen, sold and used by unknown people.

This is an important signal, showing Sony should really improve their service in terms of security, especially if you think that this service is a paid one and there are a lot of users who put their credit cards information on the account.

What about you? Have you experienced some issues with PSN? If so, share your experience in the comments below and tell us what happened!