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Xbox One S Is Hitting Japan Later This Month, Will It Do Better?

Xbox One S is releasing in Japan later this month, according to the announcement made by Microsoft. The company mentioned a November 24 release date for the new console. Xbox One S will release in limited quantities in the country due to the shockingly low demand for Xbox this generation.

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The Xbox One S was announced at E3 2016 and released on August 2 in the west. Xbox One S boosted Microsoft’s sales and revenues and has since been in the lead in monthly sales in the west. The machine is capable of 4K upscale and HDR for supported games. However, with all of its features, it won’t be able to put up a fight against Sony and Nintendo in Japan.

Microsoft has always struggled in Japan and the situation is far worse for Xbox One. Also, with the release of PlayStation 4 Pro, it is pretty much dead in the water in Japan.

Project Scorpio may change that when it releases in Fall 2017; Microsoft is claiming 4K native resolution output from Xbox 4K aka Project Scorpio. Price will be a major factor for success, we are expecting a price point of around $399. In fact, if the price exceeds $399, Project Scorpio may not be able to make an impact, according to Michael Patcher.

Well, I think Microsoft would commit suicide if it was more than $399. And the problem they will face is if they launched it at $399, the PS4 Pro might discount to $349 in the same week. So I’d be really surprised if the Scorpio was more than $399.

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