Watch 16 Minutes Of New The Last Guardian Gameplay

The Last Guardian is just a month away from launch and Team ICO has been revealing new details about the game to hype up the process. This time the developer has released a new video showcasing 16 minutes of The Last Guardian gameplay.

The Last Guardian gameplay video comes from Famitsu, that showcases the protagonist and his companion Trico, traversing through the ruins. The visuals are beautiful and the environment is just breathtakingly full of detail.

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The gameplay is full of puzzle solving, players will require using the abilities of the boy and Trico simultaneously to solve puzzles and get to far away places. In this gameplay video, we see that Trico is stuck and the boy has to remove an obstacle in the creature’s path so that he can climb.

At the end of the gameplay we see another creature like Trico, but this one is very aggressive and pushes Trico off the ledge and he falls along with the boy.

The Last Guardian took almost 8 years to develop, which is a long development time for a game. According to devs, during all this time the vision for the game has not changed, and what players will see in the final product is the original vision of the game.

According to game designer Fumito Ueda, from the start, the team wanted to create a game that will be timeless and we have been successful in doing so.

But we knew from the very beginning that we wanted to create something that was timeless, something that was going to last a very long time–that was going to hold up for “X” amount of years.

The Last Guardian is an action-adventure game developed by Team ICO and will launch on December 6, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.