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PS4 Pro Firmware 4.05 To Be a Mandatory Download, Console Ships With Firmware 3.70

Sony’s latest console PS4 Pro launches today and out of the box, the console will be running on firmware 3.70 but Sony’s community manager Chris Owen revealed today that owners will have to upgrade to PS4 Pro firmware 4.05 as soon as they connect their console to the internet.

It is advisable for everyone to upgrade to PS4 Pro firmware 4.05 even if they don’t immediately intend on playing or accessing any online content on their console. The system software update is designed to improve the stability performance of the system.

There is no official word or changelog details regarding the update version 4.05 (released late last month) but it should only contain some minor tweaks and fixes over the major firmware 4.0 update that was released in early October, with some issues of course.

The changelog of firmware 4.0 mentions:

  • [Quick Menu] Users can access features related with current running/game application without leaving it as well as have freedom to customize the menu.
  • View trophies for games that users are currently playing
  • Check if Friends are online
  • Start Share Play, or start a broadcast of current gameplay
  • Control music playback (*Not available on 4.00 Beta)
  • Content Launcher/Library] Users can create folders to arrange their games and applications
  • [Data Transfer] Users can transfer all their games, saved data, captures and settings from one PS4 to another
  • [Live from PlayStation] Users can let players know that they like their screenshots and video clips by commenting on them or selecting Like
  • [Trophy] Users can view trophies offline and details of hidden trophies

The standard edition of PS4 Pro costs $400 for the 4K capable console which also features a 1TB hard drive. While the original PS4 had a 4K capable blu ray drive, the PS4 Pro lacks in that regard and 4K is limited to games and streaming content.