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Player Completes Titanfall 2 Speedrun in Just 98 Minutes

One very skilled gamer has managed to complete a Titanfall 2 speedrun, completing the game’s six-hour single-player campaign in around 98 minutes. The gamer in question, named DraQu on YouTube, has done various other speedruns of other games in the past, such as the recent Doom game that came out this year.

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The Titanfall 2 singleplayer campaign centers around Jack Cooper, an infantry grunt in the Frontier Militia that must take up the role of an elite Titan pilot as he tries to stop a superweapon from the IMC from being used on a Militia world. The campaign came as a nod to players of the first Titanfall, who had criticized the last game’s campaign for simply being a glorified series of multiplayer matches.

DraQu’s Titanfall 2 speedrun is only the latest speedrun that he’s done, as he’s done various other speedruns in ID Software’s Doom game this year, along with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Crysis and Crysis: Warhead, and Daikatana.

DraQu’s Titanfall 2 speedrun has allowed him to break the world record for the game’s speedrunning time, and is the third playthrough of the campaign that he’s done. His previous attempts at breaking the world record took nearly 2 hours for the first speedrunning attempt, and the second took an hour and forty-five minutes.

Normally speedrunning takes a detailed knowledge of where enemies are, the best ways around them, and near-perfect coordination to avoid screwing up and losing time. Titanfall 2’s fast-paced shooting gameplay actually lends itself well to speedrunning, especially since the game’s tutorial encourages speedrunning through the training course, with an achievement for the fastest time.

The fact that he was not only able to complete a Titanfall 2 speedrun without having to start over, along with doing it so fast, speaks to hours of practice by DarQu, so if you want to check him out for yourself, you can watch the video above.