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Obsidian Entertainment Is Interested In Creating Another Fallout Game

Obsidian Entertainment, the developers behind one of the best received Fallout games; Fallout New Vegas, recently expressed interest in taking another crack at the franchise.

During an AMA session on Reddit to promote their upcoming game Tyranny, Obsidian Entertainment’s Brian Heins and CEO Feargus Urquhart alongside Tim Cain and Mikey Dowling said they would love to create another Fallout game after the successful Fallout New Vegas from 2010.

However, they also revealed that Obsidian Entertainment is currently not working on any Fallout game so for those hoping this might be a hint to another Fallout game from the developers, it is unfortunately not.

In the end, the decision lies with Bethesda which went with their in-house development team Bethesda Game Studios for both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, as to whether they will continue development in-house or hire an outside developer.

Obsidian Entertainment is well known for many RPG titles they have worked upon including Knights of the Old Republic 2, South Park Stick of Truth and Pillars of Eternity. There is little to no doubt that the developer sure knows their RPGs and many reviewers felt the RPG elements were the strongest point of Fallout New Vegas.

Whether Obsidian is being sneaky here or Bethesda hasn’t actually approached them yet is unclear. After the filing of a Fallout New Orleans trademark, many hoped it would be Obsidian Entertainment once again developing the Fallout spinoff game like last time.

Bethesda only recently finished development of the last of Fallout 4 DLCs so it is too early by their standards to announce a new game. Considering that an Elder Scrolls game was released before Fallout 4, it is possible the company might go for Elder Scrolls VI before working on another Fallout game.

With Obsidian’s history, let’s hope they are the ones helming the new Fallout game because after Fallout 4, the franchise definitely needs to return to RPG roots instead of going further into the shooter genre.