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No Man’s Sky Died a Quick Death Similar to an Early Box Office Hit: Analyst

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is yet to come out and make a statement but others have weighed in on the whole situation. The latest comments come from Michael Goodman, director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics.

Goodman stated that No Mn’s Sky release was similar to an early box office hit that later tanks completely. In an interview, he said:

I don’t know what [Sony’s] expectations were on it. I agree with you that there seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding it. When it launched people were talking about how many concurrent users it had and within what two or three weeks it just cratered. We see this in movies all the time.

You have that opening box office weekend where it does really well and then all of a sudden it just dies a quiet death. I feel like that’s where this game is. It started off really hot, had a lot of buzz, oh it’s groundbreaking, different and it has this and that. People tried it and found out that it’s a game where you’re kind of grinding through it.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden appeared on the show and stated that Hello Games had a “very huge ambition” for such a small team.

Sean Murray and Hello Games overhyped the project but failed to deliver the promised goods. We were hoping for Sean to appear on Live With YouTube Gaming but that never happened.

What we do know is that the studio is working on updates for No Man’s Sky and once they are complete, Hello Games will end the blackout.